train window scenery mobile phone stand 1

This is one mobile phone stand not quite like the others. Just like a smartphone stand, it provides a place for it to rest on and for watching movies and video clips in landscape mode. However, with a little creative twist and a bit of cute miniature design, it turns the display of a mobile phone into the window of a train for viewing scenery.

train window scenery mobile phone stand 2

train window scenery mobile phone stand 3

train-window-scenery-mobile-phone-stand 4

The train window mobile phone stand of the Applism series of products from Japanese company Wiz Co. Ltd comes with a little scene that makes everything look like a miniaturized section of a interior of a train. Very unique and makes one go into a traveling mood. Definitely one must-have mobile phone stand for those who love everything about trains.

If you suddenly have the urge to go traveling by train and watching beautiful scenery, you can do it with the mobile phone stand by using a mobile phone placed on the stand to view a video clip like the one below and then you can relax and enjoy beautiful train window scenery right from your own home.



The mobile phone stand will work with iPhones in particular and also many current mobile phone models in the market that have similar dimensions and displays. The Applism miniature train window mobile phone stand comes in three designs and retails for 2,100 yen in Japan.