swim time aqua golf set 1

Here’s a set of equipment that looks like it should be played at a gold course, but it is actually meant to be played at the swimming pool.

swim time aqua golf set 2

This kit called Swim Time Aqua Golf is a game set that comes with a mini green and hole together with golf club and balls. What you’re supposed to do is to lay the floatable green on the surface of the pool, then try to land on the green and even better still, right into the hole.

Depending on the wind and the movement of the water, the floating green may or may not stay at the same spot all time, so it will offer quite a bit of challenge if it does move and lets you practice your adaptability of your swing.

A cool toy golf set that will provide a bit of fun and practice by the poolside.

The Swim Time Aqua Golf set retails for $62.99 from Amazon.