aquaponics aqua farm fish tank 1

Want to get more out of a fish tank? Here’s one small fish tank that not only gives your fishes a home, but also makes use of the water to grow plants.

aquaponics aqua farm fish tank 2

aquaponics aqua farm fish tank 3

The aquaponics Aqua Farm is a fish tank that comes with an aquaponics-ready system in place of a lid. With it, one is able to use it to create a mini garden right on top of the tank.

If you think taking care of plants is hard, here’s where this aquaponics system comes into place. Not only there is readily-available water in place to keep them from drying out, waste products produced by the fish is filtered from the water and used as nutrients for the plants as well, therefore there is no need to add soil or fertilizer for the plants.

If you choose to use herbs at the top of the Aqua Farm, you will be able to harvest them continually for use in cooking. A cool fish tank and garden combo that will act as a useful living décor for a home.

The Aquaponics Aquafarm retails for $68.99 from Amazon.