aquatop bathtub display 1

Here’s one touchscreen that isn’t a touchscreen at all, but has been developed to make use of the surface of water in a bathtub to act as a touchscreen style display for interaction with a computer.

aquatop bathtub display 2

aquatop bathtub display 3

The Aquatop is a touchscreen system being developed by Koike Laboratory from UEC Tokyo. It is made up of a projector, a Kinect sensor and a computer. With the surface of the bathwater acting as the screen, users are able to touch and interact with the display in many different ways that one wouldn’t be able to do with a normal flat-surfaced touchscreen.

Watch the video of the Aquatop display in action below:



Having this bathtub projection system will definitely make it fun during bath time, especially for keeping the kids longer enough in the bath. It can be used for relaxing and entertainment for long therapeutic baths as well, though it can seem to be difficult for the system to project a clear image for baths with colored bathwater or filled with bubbles.

An interesting way creating a large touchscreen in the bathroom without the need of a physical monitor screen. Meanwhile, we’ll have to make do with a tablet encased in waterproof casing in the bathroom until this system gets released in the future.