armchair caddy couch storage 1

The armrest on a sofa is obviously used for resting arms on. However on a large sofa, there is usually more than enough space for resting only your arms on.

armchair caddy couch storage 2

Here’s one useful gadget called the Armchair caddy that makes use of the extra space on armchair sofas. It comes with six pockets in total, located on both sides. It allows you to put items like remotes, magazines and TV guides for easy access while sitting on the couch.

At the top, it comes with a bordered area that works like a tray. It can be used for placing stuff like a bowl of popcorn or snacks, thereby leaving your hands free for a bit of cuddling during a romantic scene.

A useful method to make use of the extra space on the couch for storing stuff.

The armchair caddy retails for $14.99 from Amazon.