writers block memo pad pencil holder 1

Here’s a something that many writers will hate to hit, and that’s a writers’ block. However, though it’s something of that name, it doesn’t have anything to do with that frustrating state of mind.

writers block memo pad pencil holder 2

This item called the ‘Writer’s Block’ is a slab of material made from either wood or marble with a hole in it. It is made to hold a memo pad and a pencil, where the pencil is made to support the block at an angle.

With this memo block, anything can be scribbled on it like messages and reminders, and having it propped up makes for better viewing while staying minimalistic by using the pencil itself as a support.

A beautiful design to the memo pad with pencil holder for a minimalistic theme.

More info on the writer’s block memo pad and pencil holder at Bower NYC.