world's most useless machine kit 1

Remember the World’s Most Useless Machine? It’s a powered motor in the box that does nothing useful at all. When you turn on the switch and activate it, the robot finger simply pops out of the box and turns itself back off.

A video of the world’s most useless machine will demonstrate that perfectly as seen below:



It is possible to build this useless machine from scratch and to get the components part by part on your own, but that’ll that quite a bit of time and a bit of engineering knowledge. Now you can make your own world’s most useless machine off the bat with this kit, which comes with all the necessary pre-fabricated parts and electrical components, and that’s what you need to get the machine to work exactly the way it looks and performs in the video.

world's most useless machine kit 2

All that is needed is to assemble the ready-made parts together and you’ll get your own working useless machine. A good kit for beginners who want to try their hand at building motorized stuff without the complexity of fabrication and electrical knowledge.

The World’s Most Useless Machine building kit retails for $29.95 from Amazon.