The secret is out. The Asus Eee brand name is not going to be the exclusive name for the super popular low-cost easy to use Eee PC launched at the end of last year. Instead it will be the name of a range of products that share the same vision of the Eee, easy to work, easy to learn and easy to play. The first, or rather, the second to be unveiled is the 42-inch E-TV, that comes with a fully functional integrated Linux PC, part of a tri-semble we will see entering the market in September 2008.

Photo: Yen Ting Chen, Digitimes, January 2008

With the integrated Linux PC, the 42-inch E-TV is estimated to cost US$200 more than other LCD-TVs in its class.

Besides the E-TV, Asus has also announced the E-Monitor, a device similar to the iMac, that integrates a computer system into a monitor. The monitor’s size will be around 19-21 inch and cost about US$499.

The third item announced is the E-DT, which is a PC made for the desktop and is estimated to come in a low price of US$200-300 excluding the display monitor.

With these three items announced, Asus has made clear to offer consumers feature-packed products that are value for money. Will these products take off in popularity like the Asus Eee PC? We will have to wait to find out.

via digitimes