The announcement and the launch of Asus’ lineup of Eee PCs produced a pretty good buzz in the tech community for many weeks recently. After the 4G model was released, the announcement and updates on the 8G version had been keeping us back in our seats. For starters, the 8G comes with a screen blow-up from a 7″ to 10″ display.

Asus Eee 4G

The Asus Eee 8G measures at 225x165x35mm, close to half the size of a typical multimedia keyboard. With the screen upgrade for the 8G, Asus has brought the Eee 8G out of the UMPC specs, not like we’re complaining anyway.

There are 4 known versions of the Asus Eee PCs, the 4G and 8G, and the 2G and 4G surf. The 4 and 8 represents 4GB and 8GB of SSD storage respectively and the surf versions come with a battery that runs for 2.8 hours compared to the better battery on the normal version that runs for 3.5 hours. The 8G also comes with a ram upgrade of 512MB, bringing the total memory to 1GB.

As of post time the 4G has already been launched and selling, as for the 8G version we will have to wait and it looks to fit perfectly as a bridge between the UMPCs and normal laptops with the larger screen and ram upgrade.

via I4U News

update (4th Dec 2007): It seems that it was just an unconfirmed statement by the German Asus representative. According to Slashgear, the final Asus specs for the 8G is out and the 7″ inch screen is here to stay. So much for our optimism, but hopefully we’ll really see one with a 10″ screen in the future.