Asus has come up with a preview of the Eee Keyboard at CES 2009, and that’s a compact yet fully functional computer stuffed into a keyboard shell! Apart from the cool-looking full set of QWERTY keys that pop up from the chassis, a touch-screen display is integrated into the entire set-up on the right-hand side. That means the Asus Eee keyboard can be carried around and be used just like any other portable PCs out there, or be used like a desktop PC when connected to a larger display screen.

asus eee keyboard 1

asus eee keyboard 2

The Eee Keyboard is also capable of displaying videos and images in HDMI when connected to a display via its HDMI ports, which allows it to play the good ol’ sidekick role to any living room home theater setup.

asus eee keyboard 3

Currently the Eee Keyboard is only available as a preview at the event and there are no official announcements on the product specifications or the official release date of this product.