Here’s a video of the Asus Eee PC 900 with a functional multi-touch pad in action. If you’re wondering what multi-touch is, it’s actually a touch pad that can detect the presence of more than one finger, allowing gesture-like inputs for switching between windows, maximizing, minimizing and a whole lot more.

This is pretty much like the multi-touch function already seen in Apple’s Macbook Air and iPhone, except that the multi-touch software from Asus does seem to cater for more interactions and shortcuts within the OS.

To scroll across a document, all you need to do is to use two fingers instead of one. As for rotating and zooming in and out you just have to simulate a rotation or stretching with two fingers and you’re done.

This is indeed a very useful feature especially for using the Asus Eee PC without a mouse. What would be more perfect now is for Asus to increase the size of the touchpad of the Eee PC!

via jkkmobile