Apparently this modder got bored of the Asus Eee PC and decided to modify it to look as if it’s a Sony VAIO mini laptop! The modding involves sculpting some putty which had been spread across the center of an Eee PC casing. The effect looks pretty good and it can probably pass off as a Sony netbook, except for the giveaway hint of Asus Eee branding on the battery.

eee pc vaio 1

eee pc vaio 2

The above modding project was done by a Japanese guy who goes by KOM(goteking) on benheck forums, where he has also featured a couple more interesting mods from his website:

Sony VAIO Nintendo DS:

sony vaio nintendo ds 1

sony vaio nintendo ds 2

Famicom Digital Camera:

famicom sony cybershot 1

famicom sony cybershot 2

All these three mods have something in common, and that’s putting the Sony brand on products from other manufacturers. I’m just guessing that he likes Sony more.