Asus has updated its Eee PC product page since the introduction of accessories for the Eee PC. The latest is the availability of the Eee PC in 5 colours! Personally I like the one in green best.

Asus Eee PC in 5 Colours

Previously I was aware that the Eee PC was going to be released in different colours but I was wondering what the names of the rest of the colours are. On the launch day of the Eee PC in Singapore, the pure white and galaxy black names were revealed.

Finally the names of the released colours are out, and here’s the list of the names of the coloured versions of the Asus Eee PC:

  • Pure White
  • Blush Pink
  • Sky Blue
  • Lush Green
  • Galaxy Black

I had mentioned in an earlier post that only the Pure White and Galaxy Black versions of the Asus Eee PC will have their top and bottom halves in matching colours while the rest of the coloured series will all come with a pure white bottom half. Was it designed this way to bring down manufacturing costs?

That aside, the range of coloured Eee PCs will definitely add a touch of vibrance and come as a personality statement for their owners.

Click here to head over to the Asus Eee (coloured) product page.