asus cardboard computer casing

For some of us who build our own computers, there isn’t much use for the packaging boxes that our components come in such as the boxes for motherboards and graphics cards. Some of them get turned into storage boxes for spare parts while most of them get thrown away.

However, all this can change with this revolutionary idea from electronics manufacturer Asus. It has unveiled a new step to reducing packaging waste by making its packaging box for one of its mini-ITX motherboards to be used as a temporary cardboard PC casing that is capable of containing a computer system within.

This ingenious idea sparked off from the fact that PC DIY enthusiasts often spend time to find the perfect casing so with this, the cardboard packaging box can be used immediately to get a new computer up and running right off the bat.



This is certainly a great idea to turn motherboard packaging boxes into PC casings, which is perfect for system testers and modders who want to test a system first before fitting them into PC casings. Another use for the boxes is to make use of them for building low-spec computers from spare parts for various purposes without the need to purchase a new chassis.

There are sure to be safety concerns such as fire, heat and humidity problems that can arise from using cardboard for PC casings though, so there’s a need to exercise caution when using them.