minecraft game boy tetris 1

In Minecraft terms, this is a pretty massive build, and an awesome one that pays tribute to the iconic handheld console from Nintendo. This is exactly how the Tetris game looks like on the Nintendo Game Boy, pixels and all. All this done by minecrafta2z, the same team that brought to us the equally amazing Minecraft Pac-Man stop motion video.

minecraft game boy tetris 2

minecraft game boy tetris 3

minecraft game boy tetris 4

The only thing is that, this Game Boy Tetris game doesn’t work in Minecraft for it is a stop motion video painstakingly created frame per frame using Minecraft blocks. We do have to give it to them for the amount of work put into the making of this cool Minecraft stop motion video.

Watch the Game Boy Tetris Minecraft stop motion video in action below:



Awesome stuff.