axe tea infuser 1

Everyone has their own way of drinking tea, such as different blends or using a different cup. Here’s one more way to spice it up by using a unique-looking tea infuser like this one.

axe tea infuser 2

This is a tea infuser  that is shaped like an axe, which has probably nothing related to tea at all. It is a stainless tea infuser where the loose tea leaves are made to go into the head section where there are holes made all around for tea to seep through and infuse with the rest of the liquid in the cup.

The handle of the axe is made so it pokes out above the surface of the tea, so you either give the tea a stir or pick it up when the desired strength of tea is reached.

A cool yet macho tea infuser perfect for medieval fans.

The axe tea infuser retails for $10.00 from Amazon.