What is the process of baconizing your website? Well it is simply adding a slice of yummy bacon with a santa hat across a webpage. If for any reason you need that piece of salty, juicy meat to flavor a website, just add the url of any website to the end of “http://bacolicio.us/” and you’re done!

For example, entering http://bacolicio.us/http://internetsiao.com in your address bar gets a huge piece of Christmas bacon on the front page.

Here’s how Internet Siao looks like after being baconized:

internetsiao bacon

What happens is that the bacon will be layered dynamically on the webpage. When I first saw this I thought it looked meaningless but then on second thought it could be fun to do this as a prank by replacing the entire bookmark list on a friend or colleague’s browser with baconized urls. >:]

While it looks funny, I think it’ll could be quite rude to play the prank on a vegetarian or vegan. Bacon slapped across the page of a veggie lover’s website? Go figure.