potato chip memo notes 1

Tired of writing notes on plain ol’ memo paper? Now you can write them on potato chips instead. These are memo paper that look like potato chips, and you’ll be sure to take a second look at a memo when it’s written on a piece of ‘potato chip’ instead of paper.

potato chip memo notes 2

Just like a bag of chips, these memo notes are also contained within a bag that look just like the real thing. Unfortunately they can’t be eaten though, but will surely make a nice gift for someone who loves eating potato chips which will allow them to write down reminders to stock up on more potato chips.

Enclosed within the bag of potato chip notes is a potato scented pouch which will make it smell like a real bag of chips. Without taking a closer look one may even mistake it for a tasty snack and try to eat the contents, making this a good potential for a gag gift as well.

The bag of potato chip memo notes contains 88 pieces of memo notes and retails for $7.95 from Moma Store.