banana peeling infinite toy 1

banana peeling infinite toy 2

Here’s a toy from Japan that turns boring and repetitive actions into fun toy keychains. Known as Mugen or infinite toys, they are keychains that lets people who love the quick thrill of opening consumer products perform the actions infinitely without having to break the bank just to buy a ton of real products to do it.

We have seen examples of this such as edamame, knuckle-cracking and bubble-popping Mugen toys but something like this is a first for us.

This banana-peeling infinite toy lets one enjoy the action of peeling a fresh banana over and over again. Not only that but a sound effect that sounds like “peron” gets activated every time the banana is peeled.

Looks like a cool toy to carry around especially if you’re the one of the cool ones carrying the banana-peeling version while everyone else is still carrying edamame keychains.

The banana peeling infinite toy retails for $3.98 from