In addition to the world of productivity applications made for the iPhone, there is also undoubtedly the myriad of games that have provided tons of enjoyment and fun for iPhone and iPod users.

One of these is a game known as Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme that has already won over the hearts of many people, amassing 12 million downloads to date and still counting. The game involves having your character slide down a twisty waterslide collecting power-ups and avoiding items that slow you down to beat the clock and unlock new levels.

If you haven’t played it before, check out the video below and you’ll understand why it’s such an engaging game:



For those who have already enjoyed hours of zooming down waterslides on their devices, you’ll be thrilled to know that a new game called ‘Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme’ has arrived. This time, instead of sliding down slippery tubes you’ll be rocketing at adrenaline-pumping speeds on a rollercoaster ride along the suburbs of New York City. As a player you’ll need to collect items that speed you up and avoid power-downs in order to beat the clock, allowing your character to advance to newer levels.

Just like Waterslide Extreme, Rollercoaster Extreme is a free app that can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

You’ll want to find out what’s in store before you decide to play so check out the in-game video below:


The Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme game is available for free download at the iTunes store starting from June 22, 2010.