The latest installment of the Battlefield series has arrived, and this time Battlefield 1943 brings us back to World War II. Just like in the Battlefield: Bad Company game, Battlefield 1943: Pacific features destructible environments where trees and structures can be blown up to reveal enemy locations.

Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943: Pacific Trailer video:

Having played Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 myself, I am absolutely looking forward to Battlefield 1943, which can be considered a remake of BF1942. The sounds of anti-air artillery and bombing runs by the vintage propeller aircraft simply gets all that adrenaline pumping.

Currently there is no news on the types of vehicles and ground equipment available, but the battleships and aircraft carriers that could be driven in BF 1942 was definitely one of the huge fun factors for me; especially so if you had a dedicated team manning all available AA guns on deck.

Besides the sea vehicles, land and air vehicles are also important assets. While I expect the tanks to come packed with relatively the same amount of carnage, the dogfights in the air will see even more intense action without heat-seeking missiles from the Battlefield 2 era.

Battlefield 1943 has come 7 years after the initial release of Battlefield 1942, and what’s in store will be better graphics, a smoother engine and more heart-pumping action for this World War II FPS game. Battlefield 1943 is expected to be released for XLA, PSN and PC download in summer 2009.

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