thanko solar powered cap with portable fan 1

Wearing a cap on a sunny day can help to protect our faces and necks from the harmful rays emitted from the sun. However a normal cap doesn’t do much when it comes to cooling us down during the hot summer.

thanko solar powered cap with portable fan 2

thanko solar powered cap with portable fan 3

Here’s one solar-powered cap with a portable motorized fan that will help to cool us down using the power of the sun. By converting solar power into electrical power via the two solar panels located at the top of the cap’s brim for powering the fan, you’ll be assured of a small breeze blowing on your face every time you are under the sun.

In addition to cooling your face and neck by blowing off heat trapped on your skin, it also makes your perspiration evaporate faster, thereby making you feel dryer and more comfortable.

One cap with a portable fan that is not only perfect for beating the heat but also eco-friendly as well.

The Thanko solar-powered cap with portable fan comes in four colors, red, blue, black, yellow, and retails for 1260 yen from Thanko JP.