beautiful tetris stackable light set 1

Tetris is one of those classic video games that’s probably the most well known in the world. Even though many years have passed since Tetris was the king of games, memories of playing this game still occupies a place in some of our hearts.

beautiful tetris stackable light set 2

beautiful tetris stackable light set 3

This is one set of lights for the desktop that is designed to look just like Tetris blocks. These blocks, when assembled together in any combination will light up in their unique hues, which will provide warm ambient lighting to a workspace. Not only does it serve as a companion, the light can be assembled to form different patterns according to your mood.

The Tetris-style lamp lights up one-by-one as you add the pieces to the base stack at the bottom. When detached from the bottom base stack, the Tetris light pieces lose their lighting.

An interesting gaming-themed lamp for the desktop which also helps in chasing away boredom by allowing one to change it’s form as and when they please.

The Tetris stackable light set measures 7x4x1 inches in size and retails for $59.96 from Amazon.