hacoa iphone 4 wooden base station 1

This is one beautifully designed wooden iPhone stand called the Hacoa Base Station for the iPhone 4. While it looks very different from most of the iPhone stands available, it sure is specially made for propping up the iPhone as a docking stand for the iPhone to sit in during charging and also particularly useful for viewing video clips and movies.

hacoa iphone 4 wooden base station 2

hacoa iphone 4 wooden base station 3hacoa iphone 4 wooden base station 4

Besides coming with a space for the iPhone 4 to sit in, it also comes with a void that allows the connector and wire to be fitted nicely and beautifully within the case like a piece of art complemented by the natural wood grains of the base station.

As for screen orientation, the Hacoa wooden base station comes with a simple removable wooden dowel that can be positioned at two different spots for use in portrait or landscape mode.

hacoa iphone 4 wooden base station 5

While having the cable embedded in the wooden case decreases the overall length of the entire charging cable, it does help to reduce the stresses that can accumulate at the joint between the connection jack of the cable and thus protect the connection ports of both the charging cable and the iPhone 4.

Watch the video of the Hacoa wooden base station for iPhone 4 below:



One beautifully designed wooden base station that will match the design of the iPhone 4.

The Hacoa wooden iPhone 4 Base Station comes with choices for wood such as maple and walnut and also comes with gift options, retailing for 4,000 yen each on Rakuten Global.