isound twist wireless bluetooth speaker 1

Here’s a beautiful and sleek-looking speaker that is able to play sound using wireless Bluetooth connection from mobile devices. As it name implies, the iSound Twist comes with a twist along the length of the speaker’s body making it look pretty unique.

isound-twist-wireless-bluetooth-speaker 2

The iSound Twist is a wireless speaker that can work when paired with another bluetooth device such as a mobile phone that provides the audio source. The speaker comes with an internal rechargeable battery, therefore after being charged to full capacity using a USB connection, the Bluetooth speaker will be able to work wirelessly for about 5 hours of continuous use.

The speaker comes with a 2.1 setup, with the stereo speakers on either side and a subwoofer that runs along its body. Apart from using it wirelessly via Bluetooth, the speaker also comes with the 3.5mm audio port making it compatible to other devices using the 3.5mm standard audio jack.

A cool-looking speaker that is convenient in such a way that it can be paired up to connect to different devices on the fly using Bluetooth connection therefore there isn’t a need to reconfigure physical connections every time.

The iSound Twist wireless Bluetooth Speaker retails for $80 from Urban Outfitters.