knitted crocheted hanging lamps 1

Here’s a set of cool and beautiful set of lamps that don’t look like ordinary lamps but works of art.

knitted crocheted hanging lamps 2

These lamps called ‘Knitted’ are designed by Ariel Zuckerman, who covered spherical lamps with a crocheted wool cover. What comes out of this combination is a beautiful set of lamps that turn out exquisite, showing off every detail of the crochet pattern as the light shines through and sets a shadow around its surroundings. In addition, they function as a holder that keeps the lamps hanging from the ceiling safely in place.

knitted crocheted hanging lamps 3

Being held down by the weight of the lamp, the crocheted fabric stretches to reveal a natural-looking yet exotic shape.

A set of lamps that look like works of art in addition to their functional use.

More info on the “Knitted” lamps at Ariel Design.