lune color changing touch sensitive mood lamp

Here’s a cool-looking mood lamp that looks a little like the Dyson air multiplier, which comes in the shape of a circle with a huge hole in the middle. However it doesn’t work as a fan, but works as a touch-sensitive mood lamp for filling up a room with colored illumination.

The Lune LED mood lamp is designed by Cielux, and comes with an invisible touch-sensitive panel at the base of the lamp. By lightly touching the base of the lamp, one is able to switch modes across a range of different colored hues to suit the mood and ambience.

Not only does the lamp glow and provide light the conventional way, the top part of the mood lamp can be swiveled around to provide directional lighting as well. This makes it possible to point the illumination towards an object or scene, or simply across the surface of the wall for a backdrop effect.

Watch the video of the Lune color-changing mood lamp in action below:



A beautifully-designed LED mood lamp that will play a major part in the setting up of the mood and ambience of a room.

The Lune color-changing touch-sensitive mood lamp retails for $160 from Amazon.