beautiful magnetic sand hourglass 1

An hourglass is used for measuring time, specifically for an hour. It is a useful and simple visual tool for counting down the time for relatively short events like exercising or for taking a lunch break.

beautiful magnetic sand hourglass 2

beautiful magnetic sand hourglass 3

Here’s one hourglass that works just like a normal hourglass, however it contains not ordinary sand, but magnetic sand. Magnetic sand obviously comes with a property that is not found in common sand, which is the ability to be attracted to magnetic fields.

This hourglass comes with a stand with a magnetic base. As the hourglass is flipped and sand starts to flow through, the magnetic particles collect at the bottom and begin to defy gravity as they start to get attracted by the magnetic base and to themselves. As more and more fall through, they start to form a structure resembling the invisible magnetic fields emitted from the base of the hourglass.

Just like usual, when all of the sand has fallen through, you’ll know one hour is up. As and when needed, flip the hourglass to reset it and you’ll be able to count down for another hour again.

A beautiful-looking hourglass that not only keeps track of time but also relaxing to look at.

The magnetic sand hourglass retails for $14.90 from Brando Toys.