beautiful solar spiral lamp 1

Here’s one solar lamp that recharges itself using clean energy, solar power that is. It does not come in the shape of a traditional lamp which makes use of a single lamp, but comes in a spiral form that illuminates light along its entire spiraled body.

beautiful solar spiral lamp 2

This spiral lamp called ‘Squeeze’ is a lamp that  comes in a double sided strip of acrylic shaped into a spiral. On the outer side just beneath the translucent hued surface lies a strip of solar panels that capture the energy from the sun, while the inner side comes with the light emitting source, which is an LED stripe running along the spiral.

With one side capturing energy and the other side giving out light, this is definitely a clever way to make use of every available space on the surface of the solar lamp to capture solar energy and for producing light. This spiral shape using an LED strip instead of the usual rounded light bulb breaks the tradition of how lamps look and does give one a feeling of freshness when incorporated into the décor of a room.

A beautiful-looking solar lamp that will fit the style of a modern home or office.

The Squeeze spiral solar desk lamp retails for $990 on Etsy.