bed ideas lamp memo set 1

Here’s a creative and interesting-looking lamp that comes in as a memo set.

bed ideas lamp memo set 2

bed ideas lamp memo set 3

The Bed Ideas lamp is a memo set that comprises of a board embedded with LED lighting in the cut-out shape of a light bulb, and an elastic band that lets you keep a sticky note pad and a pen on.

With this memo set, you’ll be able to record stuff that come into your mind quickly before you forget. Simply pull the cord to switch on the light bulb shaped LED strip, grab the memo pad and pen and you’ll be able to jot down stuff like ideas, reminders and notes in bed. After that, you’ll be able to get back to your slumber feeling assured that you have written down everything that popped up in your mind while in bed.

A useful and interesting-looking lamp and memo set that will surely brighten up the look of a room.

More info on Bed Ideas at Apicula.