bedphones sleeping headphones 1

Headphones, compared to earphones and in-ear-monitors or earbuds are usually more comfortable to wear while listening to music. However, they may not be so comfortable to wear while lying on the bed. However, here’s a pair of headphones called Bedphones that has been designed for comfort for just one purpose only, and that is for maximum comfort while lying on the bed listening to music.

bedphones sleeping headphones 2

The Bedphones has been designed by Eric Dubs, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering and also has a passion for music. This pair of sleeping headphones has been conceived after trials on over hundreds of prototypes therefore ensuring an optimal amount of comfort.

One useful pair of headphones for people who do not like to wear earbuds but love to listen to music in bed to sleep. The Bedphones go for $29.95 each and are available only to the US currently.