benddesk bended desk touchscreen display

Here’s one touchscreen display that doesn’t look quite like the ones we use today, a touchscreen display that has been incorporated into a bended desk.

The vertical display looks just like it has merged with the horizontal surface of the desk, creating a large, single curved surface. With this BendDesk, the entire display screen comprising the vertical section, the horizontal section and the curved section in between are all responsive to touch. This means that the entire surface can be used for displaying digital media and also for input by means of touch from the user.

Watch the video of the BendDesk touchscreen display in action below:



The BendDesk looks interesting for usage with photo manipulation software and some gaming during breaks. Probably not for full-screen input usage for an extended period unless you want a really good workout for your shoulders.

Hopefully it will be robust enough to hold at least a cup of coffee on it.