bento modular laptop 1

The Bento modular laptop concept by designer by René Woo-Ram Lee is a laptop that comes in different parts that can be mixed and match to fit many different users. This allows the users to customize the different modules of a laptop easily without having to go with different devices for different events.

bento modular laptop 2

Basically the Bento modular laptop concept comes with a case with pre-cut slots that will be able to fit different modules of a portable computer, such as the main display and mix-and-match components such as external batteries, a mobile phone, and a tablet PC. For example, if the user anticipates a long period of usage without being able to charge the Bento laptop, an extra battery can be easily swapped out in place of an external hard drive.

Even the keyboard that comes with it has double uses as well. It is a tablet PC on its own where it can also be configured to be a touchscreen keyboard, piano or even a giant trackpad.

bento modular laptop 3

While carrying the main display on the upper half like most laptop computers, the big difference is that the components paired to the Bento laptop can be configured for many uses or can be simply used on their own. This design has to be greatly influenced by the fact that portable processors are getting more and more common due to falling prices over the years.

While it can look like a hassle to manage so many different separate components for a laptop, which can be troublesome if one essential module were to fail it will cripple user experience. However this modular pc concept will be a dream come true for those who like to customize their mobile computing up to the hardware level.