bevel cup hygienic tilted design 1

Here’s a mug that is designed with hygiene in mind. The difference between this mug is in the shape of its handle.

bevel cup hygienic tilted design 2

The Bevel Cup is a design from Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi, who has designed the handle of the mug in such a way that when it’s inverted, it does not sit flat in the cabinet in storage. In addition, after being washed, the cup can be left to dry after the cup is tilted at an angle with the angled surface of the handle acting as stand.

This way, the edge of the cup will never be in contact with any dirty surfaces sitting upright or inverted, reducing the chances of dirt and bacteria of sticking on the drinking edge of the cup and possibly giving someone a bad stomachache.

A simple yet clever design that helps to keep cups clean in storage.