bicycle power generator charging clip 1

Tired of having your portable gadgets run out of juice while cycling outdoors? Here’s one cool concept for a charger that collects energy from the rotation of your bicycle wheel into useful energy for charging up your smartphone.

bicycle power generator charging clip 2

bicycle power generator charging clip 3

This bicycle charging clip concept by Cheng-Kuei Fan, Hui-Chuan Ma & Yan-Jang Cheng is designed around the shape of a clip, where it houses the energy conversion system and a built-in battery. For converting the energy generated by the wheel turning as a person cycles, the charging clip first has to be clipped onto a spoke near the rim of the wheel. As the wheel turns, the clip also rotates around the axle which converts movement into electrical energy stored in its battery,

During charging, the charging clip with a low battery indicator shows a red LED indication, and as it rotates it also creates a red circular glow on the bike. When it is fully charged, it will produce a green glow for the bicycle rim, where you can either take it off and use it immediately or leave it clipped-on for a beautiful light effect.

When needed, the charging clip can then be removed from the bicycle spoke and then clipped to somewhere convenient like the corner of your pocket and then connected to a portable gadget like a smartphone or MP3 player for some juicing up.

A cool and useful concept for a backup battery and power generator those who cycle regularly.