bicycle smartphone holder bag 1

Here’s a smartphone bag that is made specially for cycling, a bag that is strapped to the bicycle frame and holds a smartphone at the same time.

bicycle smartphone holder bag 2

This is a smartphone bag called the ‘JFLY Frame Pannier and Front Tube Cell Phone Bag’. It is a bag that comes with a transparent window on the front. With a smartphone secured to the bag and strapped to the bicycle’s frame, it holds the phone in view during cycling. In addition, the transparent PVC window also allows for touch input, so that you’ll still be able to access the touchscreen functions of the phone while it is being protected from water and dust during cycling. This will make it useful when cycling with a navigation app.

At the bottom of the bag there is also a opening that allows headphones to be connected via audio connector for listening to music as well. Besides the smartphone other cycling and outdoor gear can also be carried along as long as they fit inside.

A useful and practical case for smartphone protection and usage while cycling.

The bicycle smartphone holder bag retails for $6.35 from Amazon.