bicymple simple bicycle with no chain 1

Ever had problems with your bicycle chains having not maintained them for some time? Here’s one bicycle that won’t suffer from the problem of rusty and stuck chains, for there isn’t a bicycle chain on this bike at all.

bicymple simple bicycle with no chain 2

bicymple simple bicycle with no chain 3

This simplified bicycle, called the Bicymple is a bicycle with a frame, two wheels, a handlebar and pedals. Yes, just about what every bike has, except for the big difference that the pedals are mounted on and directly drive the back wheel. This makes one able to ride on it just like a normal bicycle, but without the need to fuss over the problems that bicycle chains can bring.

Watch the video of the Bicymple simple bicycle in action below:



Without the use of the chains, the Bicymple won’t have the capability of using gears and hence the flexibility of multi-speed, but having the option of unlocking the rear steering brings on a new challenge and perhaps offering the rider a little more dexterity when he/she has it mastered.

A pretty interesting idea for a simplified bicycle, which will surely appeal to bicycle enthusiasts.