bike washing-machine 1

Need to get some exercise and do laundry at the same time? Here’s one concept that lets you do both.

bike washing-machine 2

bike washing-machine 3

bike washing-machine 4

This is the Bike Washing Machine designed by a group of Chinese university students. It is basically what happens when an exercise bike and a washing machine is combined into one, where the wheel of the bike is actually the drum of the washer. This allows the drum to spin when the bike is being ridden on, washing your clothes in the manual spin cycle as you burn calories.

The design definitely looks very modern and will definitely look great in a modern home. However do keep in mind that it is only a conceptual design and not an actual product, although the idea isn’t new at all.

An interesting concept for a bike powered manual washing machine for minimalists, fitness buffs and eco-friendly lovers.