Thanko 8 megapixel binoculars digital camera

This isn’t a pair of ordinary binoculars but binoculars that have a digital camera built inside. This digital camera binoculars by Thanko Japan allows the user to zoom and capture long-range pictures up to 8x. Great for nature sightseeing such as a safari adventure or bird watching.

Packed with a 8MP sensor, the camera also comes with a LCD screen, USB 1.1 connectivity and powered by 4 AAA batteries. There doesn’t seem to be any internal memory available but an SD card slot is available for cards up to 16GB. Pictures are saved in JPEG format and video in AVI.

No word on software specs but I will definitely be looking for some sort of anti-shake feature in the system or just have a tripod ready for long-range shots. 25,890 yen, GeekStuff4U.