birdy hang on mirror hanger 1

Here’s a set of hangers that go on the surface of a mirror. By its own, it’s only in the shape of half a bird, but the magic only happens when it is on the mirror.

birdy hang on mirror hanger 2

birdy hang on mirror hanger 3

This set of hangers called the ‘Birdy hang on’ are made specially for attaching on the reflective surface of a mirror. When it is attached to the mirror by the adhesive backing the full form of the bird becomes complete when viewed from an angle.

Its wing is spread out to work like a hanger, where it can be used to hang accessories like rings, earrings, and necklaces. Though two wings are visible, obviously only one of them is usable.

A creatively-designed hanger that will be useful for the dresser and on a bathroom mirror.

The Birdy hang on retails for three a set for $15 at Birdyhangon.