It’s often said that people with different blood types have very distinct personalities. For me, I’m a type-B, and basically those with the ‘B’ blood group are said to be individualists.

So, what if you want people to know what your blood group is and hopefully use it to strike up conversations with people? Just put this cellphone charm to work.

blood cellphone charm 1

blood cellphone charm 2 
blood cellphone charm 3

Besides having an item that can easily strike up conversations, this cellphone strap may have the potential to save lives, like in emergencies where the owner needs an urgent blood transfusion. However I think it should be regarded purely as a novelty, just in case someone decides to use one that isn’t his/her blood group.

The blood type drip bags all come in the red variety, with real liquid suspended between the drip bags, except for the one in yellow, which is a vitamin drip handphone strap. They go for 609 Yen each at Strapya World.

via inventorspot