mobile phone bluetooth gloves

Everyone knows the gesture of showing your pinky and thumb and holding up to your ear to indicate the action of making a phone call. Here’s a pair of Bluetooth enabled gloves that actually lets you make a phone call with.

This pair of gloves isn’t just a pair of ordinary gloves, but are electronically enabled gloves with Bluetooth for pairing up with a mobile phone. The receiver part of the device is built into the tip of the thumb while the microphone part is located at the tip of the pinky. Therefore with the natural action of holding up your hand to your ears, you can actually call someone.

Think of it as a hands-free headset built into a pair of gloves, except that it comes built into a pair of gloves making it dual purpose since it keeps you warm and at the same time lets you make a phone call without having to fish your mobile phone out of your pocket or bag. If you do need to use an app on the phone, the gloves are also made specially so that they work with capacitive touchscreens too.

An interesting design for a pair of gloves that you can actually use for having mobile phone conversations.

The Bluetooth gloves retails for $69.99 from Amazon.