quirky bobble brush toothbrush stand 1

There are many ways to store toothbrushes, such as giving them a case or their own, or simply dunking them into a cup after use. Here’s another interesting way to store a toothbrush, and that is to let them stand upright on their own using this Bobble Brush toothbrush stand.

quirky bobble brush toothbrush stand 2

quirky bobble brush toothbrush stand 3

The Bobble toothbrush stand lets one insert a toothbrush bottom-tip first into it, allowing the toothbrush to stand upright, so the bristles will never have a chance to touch the sink. The contraption comes with a rubberized weighted bottom therefore it will always return the toothbrush to its upright position no matter how much you push or flick it around.

A cool and pretty simple way of storing toothbrushes when not in use. The Quirky Bobble Brush toothbrush stand retails for $12.99 from Amazon.