bobble-brush-toothbrush-stand-timer 1

The bobble toothbrush stand is a stand that holds a toothbrush upright when not in use. Here’s a version of the bobble brush stand now with an additional function, and that’s a timer. The timer lets one brush teeth while it counts down so your teeth will get an adequate amount of cleansing.

bobble-brush-toothbrush-stand-timer 2

The timer at the bottom comes with a mechanical timer that counts for 2 minutes, and can be wound up just before you start brushing for it to count down as you brush. After you’re done, place the brush upright into the toothbrush stand. Having it stand up in this way allows the brush portion to dry thoroughly without having it to rest on anything that could contaminate the bristles.

A nice upgraded version of the useful and cool-looking bobble brush stand.

The Bobble Brush Timer toothbrush stand with timer retails for $16.99 from Quirky.