boogie board lcd digital notepad 1boogie board lcd digital notepad 2

The Boogie Board is an LCD digital notepad that can be written on just like a real notepad. To write on the board one only needs to use some pressure with a finger or stylus to leave a mark.

Unlike tablets that require a lot of power just to keep running, the Boogie board requires power from a small button battery only when the board needs to be cleared. This makes it very energy efficient for leaving messages for a long period of time on the LCD notepad and also less of a mess compared to a chalkboard for example.

As for conventional note-taking the drawback is that there is no storage capability available. A simple way to get around this problem is to take a picture of the current page with a digital camera or mobile phone so the notes can be stored as images before the current page gets cleared.


  • Stylus
  • Thin & Compact
  • Vary Line Weight & Pressure
  • Simple Erase
  • Energy Saving
  • Durable

A cool hi-tech alternative to the traditional notepad which is great for taking notes and doodling in addition to its energy efficiency. The Boogie Board LCD digital notepad is available from iWoot for £34.99.