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Night lights are often limited to being plugged to the outlets, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a night light that that can be carried into bed without being plugged into the electrical outlet?

boon glo portable night light balls 2

boon glo portable night light balls 3

Here’s one fun-looking kind of night light called the Boon Glo Nightlight. On the outside, it looks like a decorative item for a room with a designer feel to it, but the clever thing is that it serves as a night light as well.

The Boon Glo comes in a shape with three funnel-like tubes that each support a ball on top. The balls are made from glow-in-the-dark material that charges itself from the LED illumination radiating from the base of the night light. When it’s taken of the stand and carried around, the glow stays for 30 minutes. Since there are no electronic components inside the balls, that can be be carried around or thrown about without fear of breaking.

When it’s time to sleep, one can grab a portable night light ball to bed and hold on to it to sleep as it slowly loses its glow over time. A perfect companion for a child afraid of the dark.

A clever and beautiful-looking night light that is great for room décor as well.

The Boon Glo portable night light balls retail for $61.83 from Amazon.