bottlelight bottle stopper lamp 1

Bottles are used for containing many kinds of liquid, and they come in many shapes and sizes. They can be varying in look from the plain to the elaborate. However, many of them simply get thrown away when the liquid inside has been depleted.

bottlelight bottle stopper lamp 2

Here’s one gadget called the ‘Bottle Light’ that is able to make use of old, translucent or transparent bottles and give them a second lease of life by turning them into lamps.

The lamp comes in the form of a bottle stopper, and can be made to fit into the opening of bottles. At the bottom part of it is the light-producing element. When placed into a bottle, light is able to diffuse through the glass and be projected outward.

Depending on the color and shape of the bottles, different light signatures will be cast around, making something that was bound to go to the refuse into something useful and lovely-looking.

A cool gadget that will be perfect for upcycling used bottles.

The Bottlelight retails for £10 from Suck UK.