brain rubiks cube 1

Rubik’s cube is is a popular puzzle toy that not only improves one’s hand-coordination but also helps to exercise the brain. Here’s one Rubik’s cube that comes in a design that is very related to this.

brain rubiks cube 2

This is a Rubik’s cube puzzle toy that is designed to look like a brain, not exactly the shape of a brain, but in the shape of a cube. Instead of colors printed on each individual square on it’s surface, all of the squares are actually the same color but with a different pattern of brain and grooves.

Without the aid of colors, the puzzle will require the player to remember each distinct square in order to bring it back to square one.

An interesting design to the traditional Rubik’s cube that will add another dimension of challenge.

The brain design Rubik’s cube retails for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.