iq alarm clock 1

Need to wake up ready for school or work in the morning with a good start? This brain teaser alarm clock concept comes with IQ questions that gets the gears in your brain cranking the moment you get awakened by the sound of the alarm.

iq alarm clock 2

As the alarm sounds, the user is required to answer the IQ questions on the LCD display. To turn off the alarm the IQ questions in the set ranging from 1-3 questions have to be correctly answered. After answering correctly by then one will already be wide awake with the brain given an early morning boost.

While this is still quite a concept, there are already products like this with similar concepts available today. It’ll be more effective for certain individuals who really want to wake up with a good start though; but if they get so popular that even folks with no patience decide to buy alarm clocks like this we’ll probably start to read stuff about the rising trend of IQ alarm clocks getting thrown out of windows from the news eventually.