android robot lego building kit 1

Love the cute look of the Android robot? Now you can make one for yourself, in Lego. Rather than trying to figure out how to make it from a bunch of Lego bricks, you can assemble this Lego-fied Android companion robot from scratch with this Brick Robot Companion building kit.

android robot lego building kit 2

android robot lego building kit 3

The kit comes with almost a hundred Lego pieces that have been pre-selected and packed into a simple set that contains all the parts needed to build the bot. The best part about it is that it even comes with a manual for building the Android bot so it won’t be too much of a brain-buster for novices.

A nice little Lego-building kit to build your own 3D Android robot companion. The Brick Robot Companion for Android building kit retails for $30 from AbbieDabbies Etsy shop.